‘Vermont Day’ at the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston – Boston Video

I am delighted that hundreds of Vermont students have participated in trips organized by my office to visit the Edward Kennedy Institute in Boston. The non-partisan Kennedy Institute offers innovative programming on the legislative process and how our government works. Students take on the role of a Senator, introducing and debating legislation in a full-scale replica of the U.S. Senate chamber. It is a wonderful opportunity for high school students to think about what issues are important to them, as well as how to be critical thinkers, work together and bring about positive change in our country. To learn more about “Vermont Days” at the Kennedy Institute, click on this short video or call my office for more information.


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  1. On point, Democracy is not a spectator sport!

  2. We need to create "A Kennedy Institute" in every state and offer this opportunity to our young people all over the nation!

  3. This is an outstanding effort! Thank you for doing this for our youth!

  4. I've got a question? somebody I follow on YouTube he voted Republican this time, because the Democrats are taking money out of his pension, he's an old gentleman who gets a work pension and some state help, he said he is charged $50 form his pension, this doesn't seem right! I know different state are different but should he be paying $50 in taxes from his pension each month??


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