What If Isaiah Thomas Signs With The Boston Celtics in The 2018-2019 NBA Off Season? – Boston Video

Isaiah Thomas was asked about if he would ever return to the Boston Celtics and he replied saying “Anything Is Possible” for this video we are making it possible!

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  1. So cool
    I’m bout to hit 1k subs mind helping me out
    I will give ya a shoutout

  2. sidhsjshajdhslshayatagugjfhshsjyjshjsudljdmhsdmhdkdkyykgksh PLEASE COME BACK IT

  3. If I was him i wouldn't cuz they did him dirty after his sis died

  4. Orlando would propably give him the max

  5. Imagine if he come off the Rockets bench next season

  6. Very unlikely, but, Trade Tatum and Horford and maybe a 1st or something for Anthony Davis
    Then sign Isaiah Thomas
    Pg: IT4
    Sg: Kyrie (yes he can play Sg)
    Sf: Jaylyn Brown
    Pf: Gordon Hayward
    C: Anthony Davis

    Kinda a small ball lineup, but I think It’d work In todays Nba, maybe IT4 and Kyrie can correspond like Cp3 and James Harden do.

  7. No need when you have Kyrie Irving

  8. Y didn’t u say “b**ch *ss” flakes? U said krispy flakes

  9. I mean you could put Kyrie in sg position

  10. First and I have been waiting for this

  11. What if kawhi didnt get injured in game 1 of the WCF

  12. Put IT on the bucks like you said. That’ll be nice

  13. Isaiah Thomas would be a good Running Back at 4'7".

  14. Celtixs fan and I would love to have IT back he did so much for us last year

  15. Hey krispy wanna play fortnite with me my psn:JaiTheKid04

  16. The bucks is not benching Bledsoe the kings aren’t benching fox for it

  17. IT could play Point guard and Kyrie at Shooting guard


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